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Jonathan Ameen, CIMA®

Partner, Analyst

“The illusion that we understand the past fosters overconfidence in our ability to predict the future.”
— Daniel Kahneman

Just as forecasting the future presents its challenges, so does problem solving. Yet to me, it’s an incredibly exciting aspect of the advisory process. Discovering solutions means being adept at organizing data in a way that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. This is, of course, central to helping my colleagues design financial plans that are personalized for each client.

In my role at Impact Capital, I focus on portfolio allocation and identifying investment opportunities. As a team, we are committed to the effective integration of all the elements of wealth, including savings, risk, and investments as key to a well-directed financial plan. Given my profound interest in financial markets and economic trends, I relish immersing myself in ideas and data that bring clarity to our clients and enrich their experience with us.

I earned a Master in Business Administration from Belmont University after receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Finance at the University of Toledo. Beginning my career at UBS Financial Services’ Workplace Wealth Solutions Group, I joined the Stone-Segal Wealth Management Group in 2022 and now look forward to an energizing and rewarding future as part of Impact Capital Partners.

My wife, Marti, and I have two young children, Claire and Ben. We enjoy day trips, attending sporting events, and spending time together.