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Anna Healy, CDFA®

Partner, Planning Specialist

“Things that have never happened before happen all the time.”
— Morgan Housel

Growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska, I was inspired by my parents’ financial advisor. He made the work sound interesting, challenging, and, most importantly, rewarding. Guiding people in achieving financial well-being right away and into the future appealed to me. I followed his example and have never looked back.

Launching my career in 2012 at AXA, now Equitable, on the insurance side of the business, I educated teachers about their retirement plans and benefits. I then became a specialist in Premium Financing, a unique planning strategy designed for high-net-worth individuals seeking to leverage cash-value life insurance as a part of their financial plans. To broaden my expertise, I joined Stone-Segal Wealth Management Group in 2015 as a Wealth Strategy Associate.

It’s gratifying to uncover new planning opportunities, such as new products, solutions, and regulatory changes that help clients realize their objectives for financial security and freedom. My role is to focus on financial planning, insurance, and annuities for our clients. Our clients’ goals differ so customizing their financial plans to meet these distinct needs is essential to our process.

I earned a degree in Finance and Economics at the University of Denver, where I was fortunate to parlay a love of golf into a scholarship. I am honored to have been named to the University’s Sports Hall of Fame for Golf.

I live in Denver with my wife, Cait, and our brilliant dog, Hopper. We enjoy biking, fishing, camping, snowboarding, and playing both golf and pickleball.